forgive those that trespass against us


this is the view from my desk.

hello my lovely pikes peak.

hey there 2 joggers and a bicyclist on the path.

the path is where i first saw my alarming trespasser one week ago this afternoon.

first oddity: he was walking very slowly looking across at my property. he never took his eyes off of it.  i never took my eyes off of him. wtf is he looking at? he finally disappeared northward on the bike path.

do you see in the foreground of my window view that square shape made out of timber?  that is the access to the septic tank AND the very edge of my side of the creek, it goes down maybe 25-30 feet quite sharply.

second oddity: MY side of the creek is where the the trespasser showed up next!! he was walking along that timbered edge & looking down the bank… at least not looking at my house or at me in the window!  i immediately crouched out of view so i could just peep at him and continued with my WTF? observations.

Later he got into a wooded area that is part of my acre here, and i lost view of him. i went upstairs and saw that he was stopped at the edge, again looking down, as if he was trying to find a way to climb down the bank….  sorry, not without rappelling with a rope. finally he “gave up” and i watched his every step down my street until he turned a corner.

third oddity: back at my laptop at my desk & here he comes AGAIN, walking north on the bike path once more. Jesus.

i called my man-friend to get feedback on what to do if he showed up on my property again. should i confront him? after i told him everything that was going on, there was a moment of silence. after a big sigh, my friend asked me if i had heard about the home invasion & rape of a 71 year old woman the other night not far from me. he took $100 and a blanket and told her he was homeless.

fourth oddity: my trespasser fit the description of that guy perfectly.

i got my 72 year old female housemate and got the hell out FAST.

it’s been a tough week.

i forgive that trespasser because he has helped me with something very important. i am finally moving forward on vastly improving the security of my property. been overdue despite my man-friend’s pleas from when i first moved here 2+ years ago now (“CUT DOWN THAT SCRAPPY WOODED AREA, bums wanna hide in there!” — which is true, i have found evidence), despite several OTHER trespassing incidents, and even despite a call to police for one incident and a long lecture by the two officers about what i need to take care of to be safe (CUT DOWN ALL THAT FOLIAGE IN FRONT!)

i can be immoveable.

i can learn through joy or i can wait until i learn through pain.

thank you trespasser. i will soon have a cleared front yard, a 6 foot cedar fence around the entire perimeter (added bonus: no visiting children tumbling down the bank!) and one of these doggies?



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