what am i blogging about? (OR: i guess my funeral plans have changed)

i included “health and healing” in the subtitle of my blog because this is a passion of mine:  the pursuit of physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, relationship health, you-name-it health… yet i have no idea if that theme will take shape or not.

i might blog about progress on landscaping my spot on monument creek.

i have been known to post photos of my pretty green smoothies on facebook. many times.

good chance you’ll be hearing about the (crazy) growth and (fun) development of the many little peeps i am privileged to spend time with.

i’ve thought often of writing about mental illness.

i love highly recommending great books that i’ve read.  (and that is why i’m gonna have to change my funeral plans…  i was creating a “pam’s list of top 3 dozen books to read” for those poor attendees. now i’ll just take care of that here).


it could be that what i am really supposed to blog about is something that hasn’t even happened yet. and maybe i am starting now because i will need a few years of practice first.

MORE WILL BE REVEALED is my current favorite slogan.  i used to have such an impatient edge to my curiosity.  no, that’s not right, it isn’t a “used to” situation… i’m still built that way: i want to know when i want to know!  but with age and recovery i have relaxed more with the not-knowing. my fave slogan gives me reassurance that it is okay to wait & trust in the unfolding.



2 thoughts on “what am i blogging about? (OR: i guess my funeral plans have changed)

  1. i dig the abandonment of all capitalization–cuz that shit is capitalist! i’m glad to see you’re doing this palpipwee–my favorite part is when you quickly corrected yourself with the one day at a time thing. your writing, more than anyone else’s i know, captures your natural voice–when i read you i hear you…so i’m very excited to be hearing more from you here! corragio my lovely sister!!!!

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