why am i blogging?

i’m going to free associate on that.

because i am not overeating. at all. ever. anymore.

er, oops, i mean ONE DAY AT A TIME.

wait a sec.  really?

YES everything has finally clicked for me in terms of my personal food plan and what i need for my abstinence (sobriety) from compulsive overeating.  i feel it deep in my bones.

this is a CLICK i have been desiring, looking for, working toward for decades.

time to celebrate!

celebrate having more time!  less eating and less thinking about eating = a good amount of extra.

time to write?

i’m feeling that big time today.  i woke up ready to begin writing.  needing to begin writing.  why? can’t really say except that it is up for me and so far i am happily obliging. lets see where it takes me. maybe you guys can tell me.

what am i going to blog about?

i will free associate on that question in my second post.  gleeeee.


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